Competition Schedule and Categories

Date Type Assigned Other Open Judge Entries close 11:30 pm 
12/14/16 Digital A Street View Nature Pictoral   Alan Kidawski  12/4/16
1/11/17 Digital Repetition Imaginative   Shiv Verma  1/1/17
2/8/17 Print Waterscape Nature Pictoral   Scott D'Amato  1/29/17
3/8/17 Digital Person(s) Imaginative   Susan Karchmer  2/26/17
4/12/17 Digital Macro Nature Pictoral   Mike DiStefano  4/2/17
5/10/17 Print Trail(s) Imaginative   Ray Guillette  4/30/17
6/14/17 Digital Photo of the Year Bob Singer  


Rules and Guidelines

Click a title below for complete information.


Competition Rules and Guidelines

Competitions will be six times this year (2016-17), once a month, from December through May.  Please click the link above to access the general rules and guidelines developed by the competition committee to learn everything you need to know to enter our club's competitions. 


Special Nature Rules for UCCC Nature Competitions

The rules for the Nature category are included in the 'Competition Guidelines.' This document is an explanation of the rules with examples that should help with understanding the rules and selecting images for UCCC Nature competitions.


Description of Competition Categories

Click the link above to see descriptions and further clarification of the 2016-17 competition categories.


Guide to Resizing for Digital Competitions

For our digital competitions, images should be resized to a maximum width of 1024 pixels and/or a height of 768 pixels. This guide will help you to do it.


Step-by-Step Instructions for Submitting Competition Images to the Website

If you are new to submitting to the competitions, or are having problems with uploading your images, please read these instructions. If you have any issues, please contact one of the 3 people listed and they can check to see if your images have been submitted successfully.


Competition Level Assignments

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